HEALTH IN TRANSITION, translating developmental origins of health and disease science to improve future health in Africa

: Macnab (A.), Daar (A.) & Pauw (C.) eds.

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341pp., illus., paperback, Stellenbosch, 2020


Essays by international scientists led by Abdallah Daar and brought together at The Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study as part of the ‘Health in Transition’ programme.

Contributions include:

"Mapping of developmental origins of health and disease to 'Sustainable Development Goals' and implications for public health in Africa" by N. Kajee, A. Daar, A. Macnab and E. Sobngwi

"Relation between famine and health in future generations: Potential knowledge translation to Africa" by T. Roseboom

"The fundamental importance of breastfeeding for health and development" by R. Martin

"Diabetes in pregnancy: Lessons for developing countries" by C. Yajnik, S. Wagle, K. Kumuran and G. Krishnaveni

"The World Health Organisation's 'Health-Promoting School' model: A potential avenue for developmental origins of health and disease education in Africa" by A. Macnab