HOLLOW CITY, stories of hope and horror in Joburg

: Haynes (T.) text with Edwards (D.) photo.

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243pp., colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2023


"Tim Hayne's stories - all first hand, all true, and made more arresting for their lack of embellishment - focus on the devastation of Old Johannesburg. They cannot be read without a sense of loss and horror, but also of morbid fascination. Unrelenting, surgical but also wryly humorous they are, at once, evocative and luminous, a metaphor for what is left of a once-glorious metropolis now that its present-day inhabitants have inherited the debt it owed to its apartheid past." Michael Fridjhon

Tim Haynes is a partner is a business which develops and manages unused buildings in inner city Johannesburg. He is the author of The House at the Edge of the World.