HOME AFFAIRS, rethinking lesbian, bisexual and transgender families in contemporary South Africa

: Lubbe-De Beer (C.) & Marnell (J.) eds.

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299 pp., colour illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2013


A collection of essays and interviews that explore and document the experiences of LGBT families in South Africa.

Contributions include:
"Outsider Discourse Surrounding Children's Experiences of Familial Identity in Sam-Sex-Parented Families" by Diana Breshears and Aliza le Roux
"Familiar Claims: representations of Same-Gendered Families in South African Mainstream News Media" by Tracy Morison and Vasu Reddy
"Erased, Elided and Made Invisible? A critical analysis of research on bisexual parenthood and families" by Ingrid Lynch
"M/Other Families: some introductory comments to the Project" by Natasha Distiller and Jean Brundit
"'Two Women Can't Make a Baby': South African lesbians' negotiation with heteronormativity around issues of reproduction" by Natalie Donaldson and Lindy Wilbraham
"Am I That Name? Middle-class lesbian motherhood in post-apartheid South Africa" by Natasha Distiller
"Breaking the Silence: a discussion on intimate partner violence in gay-male relationships" by Gabriel Khan and Yolan Moodley
"Coming Out to Families: adolescent disclosure practices in the Western Cape" by Veronica Robertson and Charmaine Louw.