HOW SOUTH AFRICA WORKS, and must do better

: Herbst (J.) & Mills (G.)

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226pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2015


Jeffrey Herbst and Greg Mills review South Africa's major economic achievements since 1994, examine the challenges that leaders face, scrutinise the social grant and education systems, and offer an agenda for greater competitiveness for government, business and labour.

Forewords by Nicky Oppenheimer and Johnny Clegg.

"Whatever our ideological departure points, 'How South Africa Works' illuminates the importance of debate in growing our economy and achieving radical socio-economic transformation" Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary General of the African National Congress.

"Are the economic imperatives for employment and growth reconcilable with those for transformation and redress? What are the tough choices confronting a developing economy to lift itself out of poverty into a globally competitive player? Read more from Herbst and Mills to find out the answers." Sipho Pityana, Chairperson, AngloGold Ashanti

"South Africa is a complicated place. Held back by its history, it is challenged to break out of a motionless present to build a brighter future for the generation still to be born. This is an enormous task that all South Africans must debate and embrace. How South Africa Works is a courageous and timely contribution to that debate and needed course of action." Moe Shaik, Development Bank of South Africa

Jeffrey Herbst is President of Colgate University in the USA. His publications include States and Power in Africa: comparative lessons in authority and control.
Greg Mills directs the Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg. He is the author of Why Africa is Poor: and what Africans can do about it and Why States Recover: changing walking societies into winning nations, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe and co-author with Jeffrey Herbst of Africa's Third Liberation.