HOW TO FIX SOUTH AFRICA'S SCHOOLS, lessons from schools that work

: Jansen (J.) & Blank (M.)

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200 pp., illus., paperback, 2 DVDs, Johannesburg, 2014


Jonathan Jansen and Molly Blank observed schools around South Africa that work, in spite of adverse conditions, and in this manual present the practical strategies that make them successful. Includes a DVD of films made in these schools, as well as templates that can be used for running school improvement workshops.

"This is not a book, it is a manual that principals, teachers, parents or other community members can use to turn around a dysfunctional and ineffective school. The manual draws on research, the 'wisdom of practice', and a good dose of common sense." Jonathan Jansen and Molly Blank, from the introduction

Jonathan Jansen is Vice Chancellor of the University of the Free State. He is also the author of "Knowledge in the Blood, confronting race and the apartheid past", "We Need to Talk", "We Need to Act" and "Great South African Teachers".
Molly Blank is a documentary filmmaker. Her films include "Testing Hope: grade 12 in the new South Africa" and "Where DO I Stand?"