HUNTING TROUT, angles and anecdotes on trout fishing, foreword by Steven Boshoff

: Sutcliffe (T.) text & illus.

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523pp., illus., paperback, Third Edition, Cape Town, (2002) 2020


This edition includes a new foreword by Stephen Boshoff as well as the original foreword by Nick Lyons. Sutcliffe has added an author's note.

"Tom Sutcliffe is a South African fly-fishing icon, and his Hunting Trout is the result of a lifetime spent pursuing trout. It is a mammoth work; one that I believe will, in time, take its place among literary greats like McGuane's Longest Silence and Sydney Hey's Rapture of the River. It provides enough technical content to increase any expert's knowledge tenfold, including delightful chapters on presentation, fishing dry flies and nymphs and stillwaters, as well as a treatise on tying flies. And Tom's wonderful prose will keep you spellbound throughout." Dean Riphagen, owner of Frontier Fly Fishing

Tom Sutcliffe was born in Johannesburg in 1943. A semi-retired medical doctor, he lives in Cape Town. He is the author of Yet More Sweet Days and several other books on fly fishing. In 2019 he was appointed President of the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers.