I WRITE WHAT I LIKE, a selection of his writings, 40th anniversary edition

: Biko (S.)

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244 pp., paperback, New Edition, Johannesburg, (1978) 2017


This 40th anniversary edition includes a new foreword, "The Envisioned Self" by Njabulo Ndebele, personal reflections on Biko by Mosibudi Mangena, Ames Dhai, Tracey Gore and Silvio Cunha, and the first known published piece by Steve Biko from the yearbook of his matric class at St Francis College in 1965.

Preface by Desmond Tutu (1996). Introduction by Nkosinathi Biko, one of Steve Biko's sons (2004). Also includes "Martyr of Hope, a personal memoir" by Father Aelred Stubbs, priest and confidante of the young Steve Biko.

A collection of Steve Biko's columns entitled "I Write What I Like", published in the journal of the South African Student Organisation under the pseudonym "Frank Talk". It also contains other journal articles, interviews and letters.