IMAGES OF DEFIANCE, South African resistance posters of the 1980s

: Posterbook Collective & South African History Archive (comp.)

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181 pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (1991) 2004.

The posters reproduced in this book "were produced by ordinary members of community-based organisations during the 1980s...Most of the posters are the result of a collective process - conceived within the context of an organisation or group, sometimes discussed at length, drawn by one person or even several people working together...Many of...the people who worked on the posters were operating underground, or did not want their names or political affiliations publicised; some of those who were better known were harassed and detained...many of the posters were banned almost upon their first appearance...".

"Images of Defiance" was first published by Ravan Press in 1991.