IN BIBI'S KITCHEN, the recipes & stories of grandmothers from the eight African countries that touch the Indian Ocean

: Hassan (H.) with Turshen (J.)

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281pp., colour illus., hardback, New York, 2020

75 recipes from eight African countries: South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Comoros, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, and Eritrea. 'Bibi' means 'grandmother' is Swahili.

“What moves me most about In Bibi’s Kitchen is Hawa Hassan’s connection with these admirable women whose cooking traditions serve their families and help define their communities at home and abroad. I am thankful to see their faces, to meet them in their own words, and to know them and their diverse cultures far beyond the stifling generalities that America so often wields to conflate African people. This book illustrates what the wisest among us have known all along: The seat of power in food - its soul and expertise - has always begun at home, at the hands of skilled women in their kitchens.” Osayi Endolyn, author of Fried Chicken is Common Ground

“Their food is alive with the flavors of mangoes, cinnamon, dates, and plantains and rich with the history of the continent that had been a culinary unknown for much too long." Jessica B. Harris, food historian, journalist, and public speaker

Somali chef Hawa Hassan is the founder of Basbaas Somali Foods, a condiment company that specialises in Somali hot sauces and chutneys. She lives in New York.

Food writer Julia Turshen is the author of Simply Julia, 110 easy recipes for healthy comfort food and Slow Victories, a food lover's guide to slow cooker glory.