IN MY TIME OF DYING, a history of death and the dead in West Africa

: Parker (J.)

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395pp., illus., maps, hardback, d.w., Princeton, 2021


John Parker on how mortuary cultures and issues of death and the dead in Africa south of the Sahara have developed from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.

"In My Time of Dying is one of the most original books on West African history that I have read. Parker's thoughtful and insightful approach to death offers a window into some of the most profound transformations of the past four centuries, as ideologies of ancestral celebration, human increase, and royal control over life and death have learnt to coexist with the medicalization and bureaucratization of the modern era." Toby Green, King’s College London

John Parker teaches the history of Africa at SOAS University of London. His books include Making the Town: Ga state and society in early colonial Accra; Tongnaab: The history of a West African god, and African History: A very short introduction.