IN NOTITIAM ECCLESIASTICAM AFRICAE TABULA GEOGRAPHICA, map of north coast of Africa, Spain and the Mediterranean

: l'Isle (G.D.)

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47.5 x 62 cm, copperplate engraving, coloured outline, framed, Paris, 1745 

Engraved by Jean Baptist Liebaux. 

This map is from the 1745 edition of the 1722 atlas Carte d'Afrique dresée... The map is a stylized depiction of the north coast of Africa, Spain and the Mediterranean. The lower half of the map illustrates three cartouche's that detail the title of the map, the scale of the map, and a legend in Latin all bounded within decorative boarders. The center of North Africa is detailed with towns, rivers, and mountain ranges. 

Guillaume De l'Isle has been called the father of modern geography. His work is distinguished by its scientific basis, minute care, constant revision, and personal integrity. His maps form an essential part of any African map collection. 


Norwich, pg 337