: Deutsch (J.)

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200pp., hardback, Princeton, 2022


“A compendium of delights for the thoughtful reader. Deutsch, a gifted writer and riveting storyteller, has written a concisely elegant topography of the good bookstore that also illuminates the seemingly opaque craft of bookselling. This book is bound to be the fulcrum of discussions - among readers, booksellers, editors, and publishers - about the meaning and role of bookstores.” Paul Yamazaki, City Lights Bookstore

“In this charming work, a revered bookseller puts into words the strong but often inarticulate feeling that many booklovers have about the importance of bookstores. Deutsch makes an eloquent case for the way bookstores educate readers as no classroom or library can. His wide-ranging reflections teach us to value the bookstore as a site not of goods but of experiences.” Leah Price, author of What We Talk about When We Talk about Books

Jeff Deutsch is the director of Chicago’s Seminary Co-op Bookstores.