IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT NORTH AFRICA, a history of six lives, with photographs by Don McCullin

: Rogerson (B.) text & McCullin (D.) photo.

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333pp., illus., hardback, d.w., London, 2017


British writer, television presenter and publisher Barnaby Rogerson on the lives of Queen Dido, King Juba II, Septimius Severus, St. Augustine, Hannibal of Carthage, and Masinissa of Numidia. For Rogerson, these individuals "represent classical North Africa".

“Rogerson focuses on ancient figures with complicated Berber and refugee identities ... He takes these complex questions on in conversational style [and] tells us their stories with great care and animation, filling in gaps with intelligent speculation.” Times Literary Supplement

Barnaby Rogerson's latest books include The Prophet Muhammad: How Islam was born; Rogerson's Book of Numbers: The culture of numbers from 1001 Nights to the Seven Wonders of the World and The Last Crusaders: East, West and the battle for the centre of the world, 1415-1578.

Don McCullin is a Magnum photographer.