IN WHOSE PLACE? Confronting vestiges of colonialism and apartheid

: Judin (H.), Lissoni (A.) & Hlongwane (A.) eds.

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357pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2024


Contributions include:

"Forced Removals: Reflections on Fieta's photographic archive, museum and heritage trail" by Ali Khangela Hlongwane

"Speculative Desire and Residential Reappropriation: Johannesburg's Ponte City from apartheid to the present" by Stefan Chavez-Norgaard

"Political Evolution of a Building Type: Community centres at the end of apartheid" by Hilton Judin

"The Rescripting of the Johannesburg West Dutch Reformed Church" by Brendan Hart

"Notes for a Visual Essay on the Experience of Art Deco in South Africa" by Pamila Gupta

"Usakos Museum and the Re-vision of Colonial Spaces: 'Put your hand on your forehead'" by Florence F. /Khaxas

Hilton Judin is an architect in the School of Architecture & Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand. He curated blank____ Architecture, Apartheid and After for the Netherlands Architecture Institute, and was in practice with Nina Cohen on Nelson Mandela Museum in Mvezo and Qunu. He is the author of Architecture, State Modernism and Cultural Nationalism in the Apartheid Capital and editor of Falling Monuments, Reluctant Ruins: Persistence of the past in the architecture of apartheid.

Arianna Lissoni is a historian and researcher in the History Workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand and part of the Global Soldiers in the Cold War: Marking Southern African Liberation Armies project. She is co-editor of the volumes One Hundred Years of the ANC: Debating liberation histories today; The ANC between Home and Exile: Reflections on the Anti-Apartheid Struggle in Italy and Southern Africa and New Histories of South Africa’s Apartheid Era Bantustans. She is co-author of Khongolose: A short history of the ANC in the North West Province from 1909.

Ali Khangela Hlongwane is a Research Associate in the History Workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand and a Writing Fellow at Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Studies. He is co-author of Public History and Culture in South Africa: Memorialisation and liberation heritage sites in Johannesburg and the Township Space and  author of Lion of Azania: A biography of Zephania Lekoame Mothopeng 1913–1990 and We Are Going Home Armed or Unarmed: A biography of John Nyati Pokela (1921–1985).