INDENTURED, behind the scenes at Gupta TV

: Sundaram (R.)

R 185.00
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167pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2018


In 2013 Rajesh Sundaram, a senior broadcast journalist from India, was headhunted to help launch the 24-hour TV news channel, Africa News Network 7 (ANN7), privately owned by the Gupta brothers. He resigned in August 2013, citing an increasing sense of illegal and unfair labour practices as well as undue political influence in editorial decisions.

"'Indetured' is wonderful, perfectly timed and written with an extraordinary innocence and honesty. Atul Gupta will absolutely hate this book, which is why South Africans should buy it in their tens of thousands. It confirms, if confirmation were needed, the extent of the Gupta family's contempt for South Africans and our country, and their contempt for the many Indian professionals hired with false promises to assist with the launch of their television channel ANN7. Jacob Zuma will also hate this book. He has always try to obfuscate the extent of his ties to the Gupta family, arguing that they merely employ his son. No so...On more than one occasion the author reveals not only that the Guptas boasted to fellow Indians how they had the South African government in their pockets but also that even when Zuma leaves office, they will own his successor. This glorious little book helps make that, thankfully, less likely. I cannot recommend it highly enough". Peter Bruce, editor of Business Day