INDLEL' EBHEK' ENKUNDLENI, the autobiography of a Xhosa writer

: Mtuze (P.)

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214pp., illus., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2022


Text in isiXhosa.

Anglican priest, academic, poet and writer Peter Tshobisa Mtuze born on a farm in the Eastern Cape in 1941.

He lectured at UNISA and was Editor in Chief of the Greater Dictionary of isiXhosa at the University of Fort Hare, before joining Rhodes University in 1988 as its first black professor and Head of the Department of isiXhosa. He worked at the university in various capacities until the end of 2006, and is presently Professor Emeritus and President of the Rhodes Convocation.

He has published more than 30 creative and academic works: novels, short stories, poetry, drama, essays, autobiography, literary guides, translations, cultural and religious published academic papers. His books include An Introduction to Xhosa Culture and The Essence of Xhosa Spirituality as well as an autobiography, An Alternative Struggle. He translated Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom into isiXhosa and worked with Jeff Opland editing and translating John Solilo, Umoya Wenbongi, collected poems (1922-1935)Publications of the Opland Collection of Xhosa Literature, Volume 3, and Iimbali Zamandulo, stories of the past (1838-1910), Publications of the Opland Collection of Xhosa Literature, Volume 8.