INDO-AFRICA, towards a new understanding of the history of sub-saharan Africa

: Hromník (C.A.)

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xxv + 168pp., illus., maps, frontis., hardback, slight foxing on edges, d.w. slightly torn, Cape Town, 1981 


"...Dr Hromník clearly points out that Africa was as much a part of the ancient world as Greece or China and that when the early geographers, be they Indian, Roman, Muslim or the later Portuguese chroniclers, referred to the eastern part of the continent as India, this was not due to ignorance but contemporary usage. If mentioned at all, the obvious unity between Africa and India made possible by the monsoon trade winds is underplayed by most historians despite historical, linguistic and anthropological evidence which leaves no doubt that Sub-Saharan Africa belongs to the cultural zone of the Indian ocean." Taken from the book.