IT'S OUR LAND YOU WANT, the never-ending struggle for land, cattle and power

: Binckes (R.)

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532pp., illus., maps, paperback, Johannesburg, 2022


A history of South Africa from 1852 to 1918.

"Binckes has written a marvellously chronological overview of our boiling pots and melting pots as they rubbed each other over the centuries. South Africa is a jigsaw puzzle, and someone has to open the box. The potential of the box lies in the remarkable details he has uncovered. A strongly recommended read to anyone who wants to understand our past and our future." Nick Binedell, Founder and Professor at Gordon Institute of Business Science

Robin Binckes was born in the Eastern Cape in 1941. He lives in Johannesburg and works as a tour guide with his company, Spear of the Nation. He is the author of Great Trek Uncut, the escape from British rule: the Boer exodus from the Cape; Zulu Terror, the Mfecane holocaust, 1815-1840 and Vlakplaas, apartheid death squads, 1979-1994.