IT'S A CONTINENT, unravelling Africa's history one country at a time

: Madimba (A.) & Ukata (C.)

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332pp., paperback, d.w. London, 2023


Each chapter focuses on a different African nation state, and presents an aspect of that country's history that is not often taught. Includes a 48 page section on Southern Africa.

"... we need this book. Of course Africa needs it as well, because no other huge area of the planet is treated as such a singular region, and that has to change. But the rest of the planet needs It's a Continent because we miss out by not recognising the individual majesty, the complexity, the beauty, the culture and the stories of the dozens of African countries. We owe it to ourselves and our history to put that right." Simon Reeve, TV presenter and author of One Day in September and Tropic of Capricorn

Astrid Madimba was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and grew up in the UK. She works as a marketing professional. 

Chinny Ukata is British-Nigerian. Her writing has featured in gal-dem and Black Ballad.