: Krummeck (P.)

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94pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2015


A play about a 17-year-old boy kept in police holding cells overnight.

First published in the collection "S.A. Gay Plays 2" (2013). Thr play was first staged in 2005, this play was winner in the Drama category in the NLDTF/PANSA Festival of Contemporary Theatre Readings.

Actor, playwright, director, writer, and activist Peter Krummeck (1947-2013) is best known for his one-man play "Bonhoeffer". His theatre career in Cape Town spanned more than four decades and included a lectureship at the Drama Department at the University of Cape Town in 1974-6. A pioneer in the use of drama as a tool for reconciliation, he founded the company Compass Productions and the African Community Theatre Service (ACTS). Under Archbishop Desmond Tutu's mentorship he also worked as a lay-minister in the Anglican Church from the mid-1980s.