JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD, edited by Linda Rosenberg, illustrated by Edmund Caldwell

: Fitzpatrick (P.)

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303pp., illus.,paperback, Reprint, Johannesburg, (1907) 2022


Edited edition: Language has been modernised, measurements metricated and glossary expanded. Includes many of Edmund Caldwell's original illustrations from the 1907 edition.

Based on the experiences of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and his Staffordshire bull terrier, Jock. In the 1880s, when Fitzpatrick worked as an ox-wagon transport rider in the old Transvaal, he rescued a puppy from drowning. The dog became his faithful companion.

South African author, politician and mining financier James Percy Fitzpatrick was born in King William's Town in 1862. He is the author of Through Mashonaland with Pick and Pen; The Outspan: Tales of South Africa and The Transvaal from Within. He died on his Eastern Cape farm in 1931.