: Clarke (D.) illus. & (J.) text

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226pp., 4to., colour illus., paperback, Reprint, El Paso, (2018) 2023


Graphic novel inspired by the mythology of the Zambezi River and the history of the Kariba Dam.

“Rooted in the richness of ancient Zimbabwean myth, gorgeously produced and brilliantly realised, KARIBA is a work of astonishing imagination from artists and storytellers of exceptional talent.  One of the very best graphic novels to come out of Africa, KARIBA will move and delight readers of all ages and backgrounds for years and years to come.”  Petina Gappah, Out of Darkness, Shining Light

“A rich and lushly inhabited telling of stories about struggle and resistance against environmental and colonial oppression, KARIBA brings a loveable ensemble of characters together with vibrancy to tell a story that jumps off the page. Beautifully illustrated evoking the expansive storytelling found in works such as Laputa: Castle in the SkyNausicaa and Princess Mononoke. It is reimaginings of our histories such as this that reminds us of the magic that exists in the struggles for a better world.” Hugo Martínez, illustrator, Wake: The hidden history of women-Led slave revolts

Illustrator, art director and production designer Daniel Clarke has worked on projects such as the BBC’s Stick Man and Snail and the Whale, for feature films such as KhumbaChronicle, The Giver and Chappie, and with clients such as Netflix, Animal Logic, The Line, National Geographic Kids, Nike and Adidas, amongst others. He lives in Cape Town.

James Clarke was born in Cape Town. He completed his Masters in Creative Writing as a Harry Crossley Fellow. In 2016, he was the South Africa finalist in fiction for the PEN International New Young Voices Award. Kariba is his first graphic novel collaboration.