KHONGOLOSE, a short history of the ANC in the North-West province from 1909

: Manson (A.), Mbenga (B.) & Lissoni (A.

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159pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2016


Andrew Manson is a Research Fellow in the Department of History at the University of South Africa. He was Professor of History and later a Research Professor at North-West University until he retired in 2014.

Bernard Mbenga is Extraordinary Professor in the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences at North West University.He is co- author (with Andrew Manson) of Land, Chiefs, Mining, South Africa's North West Province since 1840 and co-author and co-editor (with Hermann Giliomee) of New History of South Africa.

Arianna Lissoni is a researcher in the History Workshop at the University of the Witwatersrand. She is an editor of the South African Historical Journal and co-editor of the book One Hundred Years of the ANC (2012).