KILLING KEBBLE, an underworld exposed

: Wiener (M.)

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428 pp., colour illus., paperback, Revised Edition, Johannesburg, (2011) 2012


In September 2005 mining magnate Brett Kebble was killed in Johannesburg in an apparent "assisted suicide". The investigation that followed revealed a sinister underworld and exposed the corrupt relationship between South Africa's Chief of Police, Jackie Selebi, and his friend, Glenn Aglioti. Journalist Mandy Wiener has been covering the Brett Kebble story for five years and has had unlimited access to the three hit-men who killed Kebble, to Glenn Aglioti, and to other role players.

"A gritty mining town tale. Stranger than fiction. And totally gripping. Superb!" Peter Harris, author of "Birth" and "In a Different Time"

"A compelling, remarkable portrait that illuminates the dark underbelly of South Africa, revealing the intertwining of business, politics and organsied crime that is one of the greatest threats to out democracy. It demonstrates the extent to which prosecutorial independence and the rule of law have been undermined by our political leaders and the resulting quagmire that is law enforcement in the country. This fascinating, racy book provides a remarkable portrait of the characters at the centre of this tragic story, in the process illuminating the dark underbelly of South Africa that is unknown to most of us" Andrew Feinstein, author of "After the Party"