: Coetzee (J.M.)

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184 pp., paperback, Reprint, London, (1974) 2004


Winner of the Booker Prize and the Prix Etranger Fémina.

Set in a South Africa ravaged by civil war. Michael K, working as a gardener in Cape Town, undertakes an arduous journey back to his mother's rural home.

"This is a truly astonishing novel ... I finished Life & Times of Michael K in a state of elation, for all the misery and suffering it contains. I cannot recommend it highly enough" Evening Standard

"It strikes deep inside the heart ...The story is clean, clear, straight, the work of a mature imagination at full power ... here is a book that will be celebrated for a long time" Mail on Sunday

J.M. Coetzee’s work includes Waiting for the Barbarians, Boyhood, Youth, Disgrace, Summertime and the Jesus Trilogy. He was the first author to win the Booker Prize twice and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2003.