: Cole (J.) & Thomas (L.) eds.

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265pp., illus., paperback, Chicago & London, 2009


Contributions include:
"Love, Sex, and the Modern Girl in 1930s Southern Africa" by Lynn Thomas
"Providing Love: sex and exchange in twentieth-century South Africa" by Mark Hunter
"Love, Money, and Economies of Intimacy in Tamatave, Madagascar" by Jennifer Cole.

Love in Africa sets two scholarly milestones. First, it demands that students of Africa confront the full spectrum of human emotion in the continent. Second, and speaking more universally, it shows how love, while experienced in the most deeply personal of ways, invariably arises from economic and social circumstance. Drawing on everything from the improvisation of new forms of love from newspaper advice columns, Bollywood, and the European colonial legacy to the monetary exchanges that so powerfully shape emotion, this unflinching book will win an immediate place on the shelves of Africanists as well as social scientists in general.” Caroline Bledsoe, Northwestern University

Anthropologist Jennifer Cole is Professor in the Department of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago. She is the author of Forget Colonialism.
Lynn M. Thomas is Associate Professor of History at the University of Washington and author of Politics of the Womb: women, reproduction, and the state in Kenya.