MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA, a black woman's stories of rage, resistance and progress

: Xaso (L.)

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311pp., illus., paperback, Johannesburg, 2020


Forewords by Justice Edwin Cameron and Cheryl Carolus.

A collection of essays written between 2013 and 2020, in which lawyer Lwando Xaso examines some of the events that have shaped her experience of South Africa.

Some of these essays have been published in Daily Maverick, The Journalist and the Sunday Independent.

In 2012 Lwando Xaso was awarded the Franklin Thomas Fellowship by the Constitutional Court Trust to study at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana where, in 2013, she received an LLM in international law. In 2015 she clerked for Justice Edwin Cameron at the Constitutional Court. At present she works with the Constitutional Hill Trust and is founder and owner of Including Society, a forum established to explore issues around cultural justice, belonging and inclusion.