: Tshabalala (M.)

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220pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2020


Based on a series of conversations Melusi Tshabalala has been having with his male friends about black fatherhood, blacklove, gender relations, gender based violence, racism, traditions and religion.

"The book is funny, tackling the subject of manhood in an usual way, mixing in some real necessary and useful messaging for men to change their shit. It's going to have terrific and far-reaching resonances." Kopano Ratele, psychologist and author of Liberating Masculinities

"If you are one of those men who find it difficult to talk to your son or younger brothers, given them this book. It's a motivational talk with street attitude. Had I read this book as a young man, I would have avoided many unnecessary amasimba," Fred Khumalo, author of The Longest March

Melusi Tshabalala runs Melusi’s Everyday Zulu franchise, which includes a column in Finweek, and a feature on Kaya FM, drawn from his book Melusi’s Everyday Zulu.