MAKE A PLAN, possibility and empowerment in a time of AIDS

: Patient (D.) with Mosher (D.)

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137pp., illus., paperback, Pretoria, 2016


South African AIDS activist David Patient and his partner, psychoimmunologist Neil Orr developed a 'positive health' programme called Vida Positiva, which included physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional techniques for people living with HIV. 

"As I travel through the world in my current job, I continue to hear David's voice challenging the status quo, telling me to think outside the huge box of limited experience. The Vida Positiva experience empowered me as a daughter, wife, mom, and the woman I am supposed to be now and tomorrow. The hundreds of Mozambiquans David and Neil trained are very much alive and committed to the teachings of Vida Positiva. They are great witnesses of this wonderful work." Nyeleti Mondlane, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mozambique