MAQOMA, the legend of a great Xhosa warrior

: Stapleton (T.)

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368pp., paperback, Revised Edition, Cape Town, 2016


First published in 1994 as "Maqoma, Xhosa resistance to colonial advance, 1798-1873". This edition includes a new foreword by Nkosi Sango Phathekile Holomisa and new preface by the author.

A biography of the nineteenth century Xhosa leader Maqoma (1798–1873), who led a guerrilla campaign against the British forces during the 'War of Mlanjeni' (1850-53). Imprisoned on Robben Island for 12 years, Maqoma was paroled in 1869. When he attempted to resettle on his land, he was re-banished to the island, where he died.

Timothy Stapleton is Professor of History at the University of Calgary, Canada.