MEDICINAL PLANTS OF THE WORLD, an illustrated scientific guide to important medicinal plants and their uses

: van Wyk (B-E) & Wink (M.)

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518pp., colour illus., hardback, Revised Edition, Pretoria, (2004) 2017


Descriptions of more than 350 of the best known medicinal plants and their close relatives, their geographical origin, plant parts used, therapeutic category, historical and modern uses, preparation and dosage, active ingredients and pharmacological effects, and an indication of its efficacy in clinical trials.

This revised edition includes an additional 30 plant species, new and improved photographs, and fully updated text to reflect the latest regulatory status of each plant.

Ben-Erik van Wyk is Professor of Botany and holds the DST-NRF National Research Chair in Indigenous Plant Use at the University of Johannesburg.

Michael Wink is Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology and Director of the Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology at Heidelberg University, Germany.