MYTH AND MEANING, San-Bushman folklore in global context

: Lewis-Williams (J.D.)

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249pp., b/w & colour illus., map, paperback, Cape Town, 2015


J.D.Lewis -Williams analyses the complex mythological stories of the San to create a theory of how myth is used in the culture and social circumstances of the San.

"J.D.Lewis-Williams assembles encyclopaedic knowledge of recorded /Xam San symbolism so readers can journey to comprehensive understanding of the /Xam world. This book provides a programmatic start to a new era in San studies - one where readers can float freely above the tedium of 'theoretical' concerns towards a humane sharing and discovery." Megan Biesele, Director, Kalahari Peoples Fund

"David Lewis-Williams revolutionizes San mythology and folklore by identifying and explaining the rich texture and logic of their mythological corpus, thereby placing it in its rightful position as one of the world's great cognitive achievements." David Whitley

J.D. Lewis-Williams is Professor Emeritus at the University of the Witwatersrand. He founded and was former director of the Rock Art Research Institute.