NAMSA LEUBA, Crossed Looks

: Hirsch (K.), Granger (B.) & Gergel (J.) eds.

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180pp., colour illus., paperback, Bologna2021


Published in conjunction with the exhibition, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, College of Charleston School of the Arts, Charleston, USA, 2021.

Introduction by Katie Hirsch and Bryan Granger. Essays by Joseph Gergel, Emmanuel Iduma and Dr. Mary Trent. 

Features photography series made in South Africa, Guinea, Nigeria, Benin and Tahiti.

Art director and photograoher Namsa Leuba was born in 1982 in Switzerland to a Guinean mother and a Swiss father. She won First Prize at the Planches Contact Festival in 2010, the PhotoGlobal Prize at the Photography Festival in 2012, and the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Festival in 2013. Leuba lives and works in Bordeaux.