NARRATIVES ON SAN ETHNICITY, the cultural and ecological foundations of lifeworld among the !Xun of north-central Namibia

: Takada (A.)

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198pp., illus., maps, paperback, Reprint, Kyoto & Melbourne, (2015) 2016


In this study Akira Takada adopts a 'life story' approach to understand the histories of the !Xun of north-central Namibia. He also explores their relationships with neighbouring groups, particularly the Owambo and ǂAkhoe, examines kinship and naming terminologies, the historical transition of !Xun ethnicity, the interplay between ethnicity and familial/kin relationships, and how changes in the natural and social environment affected child socialization.

Akira Takada is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies at Kyoto University, Japan.