NEW SOUTH AFRICAN REVIEW 1, 2010: development or decline?

: Daniel (J.), Naidoo (P.), Pillay (D.) & Southall (R.) eds.

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476 pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2010


"In producing this, the first edition of the 'New South African Review', it editors seek to follow that tradition of critical scholarship established so firmly by the seven volumes of the 'South African Review' which appeared in the 1980s and 1990s." from the preface

Contributions include:
"South Africa 2010: from short-term success to long-term decline?" by Roger Southall,
"Growth, Resource Use and Decoupling: towards a 'green new deal' for South Africa?" by Mark Swilling,
"The African National Congress Under Jacob Zuma" by Anthony Butler,
"The Mobile Nation: how migration continues to shape South Africa" by Loren Landau, Tara Polzer and Aurelia Wa Kabwe-Segatti,
"'Silencing and worse...': the humanities and social science in South Africa" by Peter Vale,
"The Polarising Impact of South Africa's AIDS epidemic" by Hein Marais,
"Breaking Down Barriers: policy gaps and new options in South African land reform" by Doreen Atkinson,
"Our Burden of Pain: murder and the major forms of violence in South Africa" by David Bruce,
"Waiting for Godot: awaiting trial detainees in South Africa" by Jeremy Gordon.

John Daniel is based at the School of International Training in Durban.
Prishani Naidoo, Devan Pillay and Roger Southall are all in the Department of Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand