: Rose-Innes (H.)

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207 pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2011


Katya Grubbs, proprietor of Painless Pest Relocations, is called in to deal with a swarm of beetles hampering the completion of a luxury housing estate outside Cape Town.

"Rose-Innes is a pleasure to read - inventive, intelligent and entertaining. She has a gift for precise, revelatory description that remakes familiar things in astonishing ways. In 'Nineveh', she has created a densely layered, totally absorbing tragicomedy for our anxious time and place." Ivan Vladislavic

Henrietta Rose-Innes is the recipient of the Caine Prize for African Writing and the African PEN Literary Award. She is the author of the novels, "Shark's Egg", "The Rock Alphabet" and the short story collection, "Homing". She lives and works in Cape Town.