NKRUMAH AND THE GHANA REVOLUTION, introduction by Leslie James

: James (C.)

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236pp., paperback, New Edition, Durham, (1977) 2022


Includes a new introduction by Leslie James, an unpublished draft of C.L.R. James's introduction to the 1977 edition, and correspondence James wrote in 1957 to his comrades in the Correspondence Publishing Committee, researched and selected by Robert Hill.

“This little-known text holds a well-kept secret: Ghana was far more important than Haiti in transforming C.L.R. James’s theory of revolution. Leslie James’s illuminating introduction situates the book within a broader radical Pan-African context. Assembled from over a decade of critical observation, Nkrumah and the Ghana Revolution demolishes the myth of the beneficent West and reveals the perils and possibilities of Africa’s postcolonial revolutions to chart a socialist future for the world.” Robin Kelley, author of Africa Speaks, America Answers: Modern jazz in revolutionary times

Nkrumah and the Ghana Revolution helps bring into focus a key feature of C.L.R. James’s intellectual preoccupations from the mid-1940s into the 1960s: how he thought about Africa and African independence for a decolonizing Caribbean. A fulsome portrait of his political thought.” Minkah Makalani, author of In the Cause of Freedom: Radical Black Internationalism from Harlem to London, 1917–1939

Trinidadian historian, political activist, and writer C.L.R. James (1901–1989), is the author of Beyond a Boundary, World Revolution, 1917–1936: The rise and fall of the Communist International.