: Bush (K.)

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313pp., paperback, Reprint, New York, (2021) 2022


Novel set in Senegal. Six-year-old Ibrahimah is taken from his rural village to Dakar to join his cousin Étienne in studying the Koran under Marabout Ahme. Instead, the young boys, called Talibé, are forced to beg in the streets and hand the money over to their teacher.

No Heaven for Good Boys is a compelling, devastating novel with unforgettable characters. Keisha Bush doesn’t shy away from portraying the shattered lives of the children on Dakar’s streets and the injustices that they suffer, but she does so with great compassion and empathy.” Deepa Anappara, author of Djinn Patrol on the Purple Lin“

"[A] powerful, Dickensian debut novel ... Bush is a born storyteller, who knows how to speak in the language of the boys she brings to life. They are hungry and they want love - the latter being the word most often used in this devastating, drawn-from-real-events story.” Literary Hub

Keisha Bush was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her MFA in creative writing from The New School, where she was a Riggio Honors Teaching Fellow and recipient of an NSPE Dean’s Scholarship. After a career in corporate finance and international development that took her to Dakar, she decided to focus full-time on her writing. She lives in East Harlem.