NOEL CHABANI MAGANYI: Being-while-black-and-alienated in apartheid South Africa

: More (M.)

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156pp., paperback, Pretoria, 2023


A critical engagement with the work of South African clinical psychologist Professor Noel Chabani Manganyi, author of Being-Black-in-the-World (1973) and Alienation and the Body in Racist Society (1977).

"What a precious opportunity: one of South Africa's greatest living contributors to Africana existential philosophy, Magobo P. More, guides us critically and rigorously through Chabani Manganyi's provocative phenomenological understanding of the multifaceted Black alienation produced by quotidian life in colonial/apartheid South Africa. A tremendous resource that couldn't be more timely, this is a must-read for deepening our individual and collective understanding of the requirements of disalienation - and of radical humanism - then and now." Jane Anne Gordon, author of Statelessness and Contemporary Enslavement

Mabogo P. More is a retired Professor of Philosophy, and is currently an Associate Researcher at the University of Limpopo. His books include Biko: Philosophy, identity and liberation (2017) and Looking Through Philosophy in Black (2019).