ON BECOMING A SCHOLAR, what every new academic needs to know

: Jansen (J.) & Visser (D.) eds.

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295pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2022


Contributions include:

"Publishing High-Impact Research" by Stella Nkomo

"Navigating Research Ethics" by Lyn Horn

"What Does Scholarly Teaching Look Like?" and "Academic Duty" by Jonathan Jansen

"Editing a Scholarly Journal" by Michael Cherry

"Applying for Promotion" by Daniel Visser

"Mentoring and Coaching" by Ahmed Wadee and Moyra Keane

"Balancing Academic Work and Home Life" by Nthabaleng Rammile

Jonathan Jansen is a former Vice-Chancellor of several universities and is currently Distinguished Professor in the Faculty of Education at Stellenbosch University. His books include Corrupted, a study of chronic dysfunction in South African universities and As By Fire, the end of the South African university, co-author (with Cyrill Walters) of The Decolonisation of Knowledge, radical ideas and the shaping of institutions in South Africa and beyond and editor of Decolonisation in Universities: The politics of curriculum.

Daniel Visser is Emeritus Professor of Law and former Vice-Chancellor: Research at the University of Cape Town.