ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF THE ANC, debating liberation histories today

: Lissoni (A.), Soske (J.), Erlank (N.), Nieftagodien (N.) & Badsha (O.) eds.

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396pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2012


A collection of essays on the African National Congress, published to coincide with the centenary of the ANC. The book is based on a selection of papers presented at a conference held at the University of the Witwatersrand in September 2011.

Contributions include:
"Fragmentation and Cohesion in the ANC: the first 70 years" by Philip Bonner
"A Continuing Search for Identity: carrying the burden of history" by Joel Netshitenzhe
"One Hundred Years of the ANC: debating struggle history after apartheid" by Jon Soske, Arianna Lissoni and Natasha Erlank
"Religion and Resistance in Natal, 1900-1910" by Norman Etherington
"Imagining the Patriotic Worker: the idea of 'decent work' in the ANC's political discourse" by Franco Barchiesi
"The Politics of Language and Chief Albert Luthuli's Funeral, 30 July 1967" by Liz Gunner
"Robben Island University Revisited" by Crain Soudien
"Regeneration of ANC Political Power, from the 1994 Electoral Victory to the 2012 Centenary" by Susan Booysen
"The ANC: party vanguard of the Black middle class?" by Roger Southall
"Globalisation, Recolonisation and the Paradox of Liberation in Southern Africa" by John Saul.