ONYEKA, and the Academy of the Sun

: Okogwu (T.)

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297pp., paperback, London, 2022


Fantasy novel for yong adults.

When Onyeka discovers she can control her hair with her mind her mother tells her that she is a Solari, one of a secret group of people with superpowers unique to Nigeria. She is sent to the Academy of the Sun, a school where Solari are trained.

"Excitement and adventure abound, it's the book I would've wished for as a kid." Namina Forna, author of The Gilded Ones. 

“An empowering blend of action and mystery, featuring superpowered showdowns, lovable characters, and jaw-dropping twists. Kept me flying through the pages!”  Xiran Jay Zhao, author of Iron Widow

Author, journalist, and hair care educator Tolá Okogwu was born in Nigeria and raised in London. She is the author of the Onyeka middle grade series, the self-published picture book series Daddy Do My Hair, and Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door under the name Lola Morayo. She lives in Kent, England.