ONYEKA, and the rise of the rebels

: Okogwu (T.)

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264pp., paperback, London, 2023


Sequel to Onyeka, and the Academy of the Sun in the fantasy series for young adults

Having exposed head teacher Dr. Dòyìnbó’s agenda behind the Academy of the Sun, Onyeka and her superhero friends are living as fugitives. When their safe house is discovered, Onyeka must turn to the only allies they have left: a group of rebels called the Rogues.

Author, journalist, and hair care educator Tolá Okogwu was born in Nigeria and raised in London. She is the author of the Onyeka middle grade series, the self-published picture book series Daddy Do My Hair, and Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door under the name Lola Morayo. She lives in Kent, England.