: Ijewere (Nadine) photo.

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191pp., 4to., colour illus., hardback, Munich, 2021


Monograph on fashion photographer Nadine Ijewere.

Includes an interview with the photographer by Lynette Nylander.

Nadine Ijewere was born in 1992 in London. She has worked with Dior, Hermes, Nina Ricci, Valentino, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, and Garage Magazine. Her work was featured in the 2016 Tate Britain Generation exhibition at the 2017 Unseen Amsterdam and Lagos Photo festivals, and in Antwaun Sargent’s The New Black Vanguard - photography between art and fashion. Ijewere received the 2020 ICP Infinity Award: Applied for her first solo exhibition Tallawah.