OUR WORDS, OUR WORLDS, writing on Black South African women poets, 2000-2018

: Xaba (M.) ed.

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315pp., paperback, Pietermaritzburg, 2019


Introduction by Gababa Baderoon.

Contributions include:
"Black Women Poets and their Books as Contributions to the Agenda of Feminism" by Makhosazana Xaba
"'Leaping from behind History's Curtain': post-apartheid Black women's poetry in South Africa" by V.M. Sisi Maqagi
"Reclaiming Sex and Queering the World: Black South African women's poetry on sexuality" by Barbara Boswell
"Searching for Women like Me: Coloured identity, Afrikaans, poetry and performance" by Teresa Muishond
"'Surely This [Mother Tongue] should Count for Something': interviews with five contemporary poets from Gauteng", Napo Masheabe, Natalia Molebatsi, Vangi Gantsho, Mthunzikazi Mbungwana and Nosipho Gumede with Makhosazana Xaba
"'Silence Makes This Possible'", Gabeba Baderoon with Makhosazana Xaba.

"This is a book that excavates histories, imagines futures and empowers the present. Embracing the academy, the experimental, the subversive, all of these essays are tangibly rooted in the personal yet reach far beyond the national. This is a work of legacy, a testament to collective strength that will surely birth even greater creativity." Margaret Busby, editor of New Daughters of Africa

Makhosazana Xaba is the author of the poetry collections These HandsTongues of their Mothers and The Alkilinity of Water and of Running and Other Stories, a collection of short stories. She is the editor of Like the Untouchable Wind, an anthology of poems.