PASCAERT VAN DE COSTA DE CAFFRES TUSSCHEN CABO NEGRO EN CABO DE BONAE ESPERANÇA, map of the coast of Kaffraria between Cape Negro and the Cape of Good Hope

: Keulen (J.V.)

R 18,000.00
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50 x 58cm, sea chart, slight foxing, framed, Amsterdam, 1716 

Made by Johannes van Keulen (1654-1715) 

This chart has an inset of Saldanha Bay demarcated by a decorative branch. Soundings are given off Saldanha Bay; the sea has two compass roses with rhumb lines, one sailing ship and one sea monster. 

Johannes Van Keulen published his first Zee Atlas in 1680. His charts were bold, handsomely designed and engraved with large title pieces and scales, decorated with impressive costumed figures in the dress of the region represented. The charts were issued coloured, uncoloured, and in special copies heightened with gold. 

Norwich, pg 313