BIANCA BALDI, Play-white

: Baldi (B.) et al

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151pp., colour illus., paperback, d.w., Berlin, 2021


Published to accompany the exhibition, Cameo, Granzerkunstverein, Graz, Austria, 2021.

"The racist term 'play-white' comes from the apartheid era, when it connoted a black or 'mixed race' person who lived as a white person."

Contributions include:

The Hazardous Business of Passing" and "Rapid Adaptive Camouflage in Cephalopods: A collage" by Bianca Baldi

"To Cross, To Mark, To Blur, To Camouflage, To Perceive, To Desire: Sea change in Bianca Baldi's Natal Patria, Zero Latitude and Play-White" by Mike Conradie and Amy Watson

"Feel Free, or, An Ode to Black Mothers in Three Parts" by Shoniqua Roach.

Bianca Baldi was born in 1985 in Johannesburg and lives in Brussels.