: Wicomb (Z.)

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218pp., paperback, Johannesburg, 2006


A new novel by Zoë Wicomb, author of "You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town" and "David's Story". Set in Cape Town during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission investigations, this novel tells the story of an Afrikaner woman, the manager of a travel agency, who has just employed a coloured woman for the first time. She has little interest in national events until a photograph in a newspaper revives a long-lost childhood memory and leads to the discovery of a family secret her ageing father refuses to discuss.

Zoë Wicomb other books are "You Can't Get Lost in Cape Town" (1987), "David's Story" (2000), "The One that got Away" (2008) and "October" (2015). She won the first Windham-Campbell Literature Prize in 2013.