: Krog (A.)

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125pp., paperback, Cape Town, 2022


Poems by Antjie Krog.

Text in Afrikaans. 

Antjie Krog's poetry collection, Januarie-suite, (1973) won the Eugène Marais Award and Jerusalemgangers was awarded the 1987 Rapport Prize. She was awarded the Hertzog Prize for Poetry for Lady Anne (1990) and Mede-wete (2014). While working for the SABC she reported on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's hearings (1996-1998), and her book on this process, Country of My Skull, (1998) was awarded the Alan Paton Award for non-fiction and the Olive Schreiner Prize. Her other volumes of poetry include Met woorde soos met kerse (first place in the 2003 South African Translators Institute's Competition), Die sterre sê 'tsau' and Kleur kom nooit alleen nie (2001 RAU Prize for creative writing). She has been an extraordinary Professor of Literature and Philosophy at the University of the Western Cape since 2004.

Also available in English as Pillage, translated from the Afrikaans by poet and translator Karen Press.