POLITICS, PROFITS AND PROTECTION, Zimbabwe's tobacco industry since 1947

: Ncube (S.)

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153pp., paperback, Makhanda, 2022


Sibanengi Ncube uses the case of Zimbabwe’s tobacco industry to situate white settler agriculture in the broader context of post-Second World War British imperial policy and American foreign economic policy, decolonisation, and global tobacco trade politics.

"This study…brings a rather fresh perspective to the scholarship on tobacco production in colonial Zimbabwe. It does so by not only making use of hitherto unused sources (Smith papers), but also by demonstrating how specific dynamics on the global front affected tobacco production, pricing, marketing as well as their overall bearing on tobacco farmers in the country. This is a very useful contribution to the existing body of knowledge on colonial agriculture generally and particularly on tobacco production in the country." Dr Tapiwa Madimu, Department of History, Rhodes University

Sibanengi Ncube is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the International Studies Group of the University of the Free State.